Our History

A Short History of Wagoner Community Hospital

The original Wagoner Hospital was located on east Cherokee Street in what is now Jackson Family Clinic. It was a private hospital needing extensive improvements. In 1973, the citizens of Wagoner established the Wagoner Hospital Authority to realize the dream of having a community hospital to provide health care for the people of Wagoner County.

The first Wagoner Community Hospital (WCH) at 1200 West Cherokee Street was a 50-bed acute care hospital. In 1977 a new wing was built and 25 beds were added. Hospital Corporation of America out of Nashville, Tennessee acquired WCH in 1981. The last expansion occurred in 1983 when another addition was added with 25 beds bringing the hospital to its current size, a 100-bed facility. During 1987 WCH became a part of HealthTrust, Inc. and then Columbia/HCA assumed the lease in the summer of 1995.

For a short time in early 1999 Triad operated WCH but on April 1, 1999 WCH became part of Hillcrest Healthcare System of Tulsa, Oklahoma. On August 1, 2004, as part of Hillcrest Healthcare System, WCH became part of Ardent Health Services.

On October 1, 2006 WCH proudly became a full public trust hospital. Wagoner Community Hospital is a 100 bed medical facility with a wide range of services including a 32-bed mental health unit, outpatient counseling for seniors, interventional pain management, sleep services laboratory, inpatient/outpatient general surgery and a 24-hour emergency room.

Much technology has been added over the past 39 years, a helical CAT scanner, and other radiological imaging advancements including nuclear medicine equipment. Incredible updates in information systems have had a vast impact on the ability to deliver quality state of the art medicine.

The future looks bright and Wagoner Community Hospital continues to grow, meeting the health care challenges of today and tomorrow.