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Neurology Care
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Meredith Woodward, M.D.

 Dr. Woodward is accepting new patients for neurology and neurosurgery services in her clinics in Wagoner, Broken Arrow and Muskogee.  She is also available for inpatient and ER consultations. 

For appointments at any clinic location, call 918-921-5535. 

Dr. Woodward’s Education Summary:


University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland (BS)

Medical School:                                               

University of Maryland Medical School,

Baltimore, Maryland (MD)


University of Utah Medical Center,

Salt Lake City                             

Fellowship/Pediatric Neurosurgery:       

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario


Neurology and Neurosurgery services including:


                Shunt insertion and revisions

                Lumbar puncture

                Chiari Decompression

                Tethered Spinal Cord Release



Pain Management procedures

                Facet injections

                Sacroiliac injections and Sacroplasty

                Epidural steroid injections

                Pain Pump Insertion

                Spinal Cord Stimulators

Treatment of Migraines

                Botox injections

                SphenoCath Neuromodulation

                Acute Migraine treatment

Hydrocephalus Care

EEG and eVOX procedures for all ages

                Memory Loss & Dementia

                Cognition evaluation


                Head injuries

                Sleep Disorders


Meredith Woodward, M.D.


2601 N. Aspen Ave – Suite 1011  

Broken Arrow, OK

1202 W. Cherokee St. – Suite A

Wagoner, OK

3501 W. Broadway Ave

Muskogee, OK

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